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laser & electrolysis studio logoOver 26,000 safe hair removal treatments performed
on thousands of people
with 35 years of hair removal experience, The physican supervised Laser & Electrolysis Studio, Inc. truly is The Best in Texas!

We've performed laser hair removal and electrolysis
treatments on men, women, and transgender (GLBT) clients from 18-90, of all shapes, sizes, sexuality and race.

Don't be shy we've treated every inch of the human body…yes we mean EVERY crevice you can possibly imagine we’ve seen. So don't be embarassed, just come in for a 
FREE No-Obligation consultation today!

You have nothing to lose (except your unwanted body hair) and everything to gain.

laser hair removal ape

And you thought you were hairy! :D

fact Did you know the typical hair removal training program for most of the multi-location laser hair removal centers in Texas only calls for 2-3 days total training! Then the new laser hair removal technician with zero prior experience can use a laser on you the unassuming patient after literally just 2-3 days! (very frightening we know).

fact_copy Did you know that the person who does your actual laser hair removal  treatment rarely goes over costs with you at other chain places. Why you ask? Because they use a trained sales person to up sell you packages, this person gets paid based on how much they sell you, not how much they help you. 

fact_copy Did you know any person, day spa, nail salon, tanning salon or hair salon can simply rent a hair removal laser for one day or a few days a month and do laser hair removal treatments on YOU!  How would you feel if the dentist you visit actually did oil changes full time for a living. But a few times a month they rented a dental office to do complicated dental work on you. (scary comparison isn’t it).

fact_copy We don’t cut hair, do waxing, give massages, have tanning booths, do nails, sell or push junk products. We do one thing better than any place in Texas for the last 35 plus years…we remove your unwanted hair in a safe, secure and relaxing home like environment. Nothing more and nothing less!

fact_copy We don’t have multiple locations and we don’t fire or turnover staff like a fast food restaurant like hair removal chains. We have one location to serve you to do both laser hair removal and electrolysis treatments. Think of us like a Picasso or the city of Austin, TX itself – a classic original!


arrow-red-ptrt-smlNo more shaving or at least very limited (think about how much you spend every year for a lifetime on razor blades, electric shavers and shaving cream).

arrow-red-ptrt-smlNo more painful and messy waxing…just think about all the money you can save to go shopping with!

arrow-red-ptrt-smlNo more worrying ladies about how long it's been since you last shaved your legs or under arms or if there is a little bit of peach fuzz along your upper lip.

arrow-red-ptrt-smlNo more hating summer time when it comes around because that means bikini season for you ladies and shirts off season for you guys.

arrow-red-ptrt-smlNo more intimacy or insecurity issues with another person because of how you feel about your unwanted body hair.

arrow-red-ptrt-smlNo more worrying guys about your excessive neck, shoulder, back and or chest hair ever again.

arrow-red-ptrt-smlImagine being able to go to the beach and not worry if people are starring at you making you feel insecure and ashamed about your body hair.

Instead gain confidence you never knew you had, you'll know deep down and just looking in a mirror that your skin is finally smooth and beautiful. Be truly liberated from all your unwanted body hair once and for all.

Our pinky swear promise to you…

We'll try to keep you super Cozy, like a snug bug in a rug.

We'll will try to keep you Comfortable, like wearing your favorite pajamas.

And above all else we will keep you Safe, like a momma bear would her cub.

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