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hair removal consultation

Step 1:
When you come in for your free hair removal consultation we'll first go over the
questionaire you filled out online on our website or while you were waiting in the lobby area.

Step 2: We will go over skin types and determine what your skin type is according to the Fitzpatrick skin scale. The skin scale goes from a 1-6. (see chart below).

Step 3:  We will go over your specific hair density, color and coarseness.

Step 4:  We will go over how electrolysis and/or laser hair removal works.

Step 5:  We will go over your personal expectations, how hair grows and how hair removal procedures really works. This is to uncover all the myths, half truths and blatant lies from other other hair removal providers or people you may have talked to. 

Step 6:  We will go over our electrolysis and/or laser hair removal pricing options and discount packages with you.

Step 7: (optional) If you want we can do a test patch of your hair using the laser or electrolysis, that way you can see and feel how they work first hand. We highly recommend you do this and you have nothing to lose since it's free.

Step 8:  We will go over any other questions or concerns you may still have about laser hair removal or electrolysis.

Step 9:  We will schedule your first treatment with us and make sure you leave with a nice big smile.

Using the Fitzpatrick scale to determine your skin typehair_removal_texas

In 1975, Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, MD, PhD, of Harvard Medical School, developed a classification system for skin typing. This scale classifies a person's complexion and overall tolerance to sun exposure in terms of the degree of burning and tanning the individual experienced.

For successful removal of hair, wrinkles, veins, sun spots, and scars using LASER technology, it is necessary determine your correct skin type.

TYPE I: Highly sensitive, always burns, never tans.
Example: Red hair with freckles or Albino.

TYPE II: Very sun sensitive, burns easily, tans minimally.
Example: Fair-skinned, fair-haired Caucasians.

TYPE III: Sun sensitive skin, sometimes burns, slowly tans to light brown.
Example: Darker Caucasians, European mix.

TYPE IV: Minimally sun sensitive, burns minimally, always tans to moderate brown.
Example: Mediterranian, European, Asian, Hispanic, American Indian.

TYPE V: Sun-insensitive skin, rarely burns, tans well.
Example: Hispanics, Afro-American, Middle Eastern.

TYPE VI: Sun-insensitive, never burns, deeply pigmented.
Example: Afro-American, African, Middle Eastern.


 free hair removal consultation