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Laser Hair Removal Pricing

We accept all major credit/debit cards, cash, PayPal
 money orderspaypal_major_credit_card_logos and personal checks.

Click PDF below to download pricing sheet

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Upper Lip  $75.00
Chin   $75.00
Neck   $75.00
Cheeks   $75.00
Sideburns  $75.00
Full face  $225.00
Underarms  $150.00
Bikini   $225
Brazilian  $300
Cleanliness Zone $75
Buttocks $150
Lower Legs  $300
Feet/Toes  $75
Upper Legs  $375
Breasts   $150
Arms   $300
Stomach $150
Hands/fingers $75
laser hair removal best price15% pre-purchase discount when you buy
a package of two or more treatment areas.

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austin texas hair removal gift packages


Arms/Hands/Fingers Pkg. $325
Brazilian/Cleanliness Zone Pkg. $325
Lower Legs/Knees/Feet/Toes Pkg. $325

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Beard  $375
Ears  $75
Nose  $75
Back of Neck  $125
Shoulders/Upper Arms  $300
Back  $450
Back/Shoulders  $600
Shoulders $150
Legs $650
Male Bikini $375
Chest $375
Stomach $150
Forearms $225
Hands/Fingers $150
Upper Arms $150
Buttocks $225
laser hair removal best price
15% pre-purchase discount when you buy 
a package of two or more treatment areas.

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austin hair removal gift packages


Back/Shoulder/Upper Arm Package   $600
Full Arms/Hands/Fingers Package      $450
Chest/Stomach Package                       $450
Beard/Nose/Ears Package                    $450
laser hair removal best price15% pre-purchase discount when you
buy two or more treatment packages.

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hair removal austin woman

Electrolysis Treatment Prices

$96 per treatment hour

$54 per treatment half hour

$33 per 15 minute treatment

$19 per 5 minutes treatment (minimum)

laser hair removal best price
$408 (5) hour treatment package

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