1513 W. Koenig Lane, Austin, Texas / text or call 512.459.6353 / studio@laserelect.com

“Sascha is amazing at what she does! I have had laser at 3 different locations and about 10 different technicians and none of them were as knowledgeable and as friendly as her. Sascha was able to explain why some hair were coming back and used the professional terms for it (no one else had said why prior to this). She selected the appropriate equipment and settings to address my concerns. She uses special goggles to zoom in into the area that she is treating and patiently treated each hair and asked me to double check to ensure that she had addressed all my concerns. During the treatment she frequently checked on how I felt and offered to stop if necessary. Once she finished, she explained what would happen in the upcoming hours, days and weeks. She is very friendly and definitely will make you smile and enjoy your time with her. Also, place is super clean, she wears gloves throughout the treatment and all the equipment is clean as well. Nice decor! I will be coming back to this place and definitely won’t experiment with others.”

-Erika P. Austin, TX

“Sascha is great!  She makes you feel very comfortable and takes time to educate her customers.  I actually look forward to my sessions because she’s just a fun person to be around and makes something that is not so fun feel much more enjoyable.”

-T.K. Austin, TX

“Unwanted hair begone! The staff is awesome. If it weren’t for the initial phone call where I was greeted with their kindness, I probably would have let my crippling anxiety get the better of me. I like the privacy that the rooms afford. LGBT+ friendly.”

-Abbey H. Austin, TX

“Cheryl is always caring and friendly. The new owner Sascha is delightful and very good.”

-Barbara V.N. Austin, TX

“Honestly, I should have written this review right after my first visit ( a few weeks ago ) but I was overwhelmed by what a great experience I had with Sascha, how comfortable she made me feel with something I’ve struggled with for years, and what an overall good feeling she gave me because she is a real, open, kind-hearted person and her studio is inviting adorable and a great vibe overall. Her prices are the best Ive found in Austin and I couldnt have asked for more! Her smile makes me smile and I’ve never felt as comfortable (saying it again) with Laser treatments and discussing my issues on this. Great tips too. THANK YOU for your services, they are much appreciated… as are you! Go get treated by Miss Sascha and leave smiling like I did!”

– Vanessa A. Austin, TX

“At Laser & Electrolysis Studio, Cheryl has provided professional and caring attention to me on each visit, and spoke plainly to me about what I could expect.She uses both laser and electrolysis when necessary for best results. In the beginning, I was not sure I wanted to incur the expense of laser treatments, but I have not been a bit sorry. My old routine of regularly tweezing and shaving took so much time each week, and now that I need reading glasses, it was a challenge to see well enough to do this chore.After just a couple of treatments the improvement was dramatic. I am so pleased! I wish I had made that first appointment sooner. It has been completely worth it!”

– Laura H. Austin, TX

“Sascha is incredibly welcoming and professional. I like the quiet/humble atmosphere, as I find it comforting. Well worth my commute.”

– Abbey C. New Braunfels, TX

“Ever since I came here I’ve felt so at home. I’ve received laser treatments for the past few months and have seen amazing results, something you can’t put a price on. It’s been so wonderful, and I am so happy to have found such a professional and quality establishment. Cheryl, and Sascha (who I am seen by now) are some of the most down to earth people I’ve met, and have continued to build a genuine relationship. Their kindness and love for all make it such an open and inclusive place, and the number one place to go to if you want quality work and experience in laser, with ofcourse a loving atmosphere. I continue to look forward to each appointment, and continue to be in love with the results. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! You’ve truly changed my life.”

– Lorelei D. Killeen, TX

“Cheryl (the original owner) has retired and Sascha has taken over. All I can say is that the studio is in good hands! Sascha is absolutely wonderful and I’m very happy with my recent visit. I can’t recommend this place highly enough!”

– Steph T. Austin, TX

“My name is Michelle; I came to hear about Laser & Electrolysis Studio thru a person I met at a local transgender group. I had wanted to explore this avenue to remove unwanted hair. I decided to make an appointment but was quite nervous.At the appointment Cheryl could see I was very nervous and took the time to make me feel safe and helped me relax. She explained the process and informed me of what to expect. I soon started the process and today enjoy the outcome. Thank you Cheryl for being understanding and compassionate to my situation.”

– Michelle M. Austin, TX

“I have had extensive laser treatments with excellent results…I have been a client of Cheryl Piquard’s at the Laser and Electrolysis Studio, Inc. since the business was opened. I have had extensive laser treatments with excellent results. Clients are treated with the utmost care and concern in a professional and comfortable atmosphere.”

– Joanne A. Austin, TX

“In the past I’ve had lots of electrolysis, but it was slow & painful. The laser treatments are faster and definitely more effective…”

– Clarissa A. Austin, TX

“I found Cheryl at Laser and Electrolysis Studio after doing a lot of research on laser hair removal. I had been considering having laser hair removal for several years, but wanted to make sure that I was going to a place that was safe and effective.There are very few studios in Austin that use the diode laser that was noted as one of the best lasers for hair removal on the market. After meeting with Cheryl, I knew that the individualized treatment that I would receive with her was superior to anyone else in town.Her years of experience puts you at complete ease. I have been to 2 sessions already and see an amazing difference! I barely have to shave anymore and the areas that I do shave have significantly less hair. This is after only 2 sessions! My biggest regret is waiting so long to have this done! If you are considering laser hair removal, don’t wait another day!”

– Lauren W. Austin, TX

“I have friends who have tried laser hair removal at other places and have not had success…The Laser & Electrolysis Studio is THE BEST place to get laser hair removal done! Cheryl & her staff are the very professional, courteous, and put you at ease in what some would consider a potentially uncomfortable situation. Cheryl & her staff are clearly experienced in this field and I trust them to know how to get results for safe and effective hair removal. I did not have many expectations when I first started, but after having such excellent results, I have added additional areas to have done. The only regret I have is not having this done sooner but it’s better late than never! I have friends who have tried laser hair removal at other places and have not had success- instead they have paid for a service they no longer use because it was ineffective. The Laser & Electrolysis Studio is the place to go if you want to have laser hair removal done – you cannot make a better choice in Austin!”

– Tahbaz B. Austin, TX

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